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Cytoplasmic DNAs and nuclear rDNA restriction fragment length polymorphisms in commercial witloof chicories

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Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of cytoplasmic DNAs and nuclear rDNA were analyzed in several Cichorium intybus genotypes, comprising four white inbred lines, eight red witloof experimental lines, and a number of F1 hybrids derived from two white parents. Chloroplast and mitochondrial restriction patterns led to the distinction between two different cytoplasms, called I and II. Southern hybridization using a nuclear rDNA probe revealed that all the lines possessed two types of rDNA repeat units. The shortest unit was 10 kb and was common to all lines. The largest rDNA repeat unit was 10.5 kb in lines I and 10.4 kb in lines II. In addition, a sequence heterogeneity between the 10.5 and 10.4-kb rDNA repeat units was revealed by Sac I digestion. A 10-kb rDNA unit was successively cloned, mapped, and used as a probe to check the genetic purity of F1 hybrid seeds between line I and II white parents. We found a 30% average percentage of impurities, originating both from selfing and full-sib crossing, in different open-pollinated hybrid samples.

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