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In vivo uptake of horseradish peroxidase by skin receptors of the duck

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Exogenous peroxidase is demonstrated in the sensory receptors of the duck bill skin. It can be found in the nerve ending (in lysosomes, coated and clear vesicles) and the surrounding cells of the corpuscles (in lysosomes and coated vesicles). These findings suggest a vivid metabolic exchange between the nerve ending and the non-neuronal elements of the peripheral sensory receptors.

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Correspondence to Dr. Ch. N. Chouchkov.

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The help of Prof. Dr. J. Winckler, Anatomical Dep., University of Würzburg, in preparing the manuscript, is thankfully acknowledged.

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Chouchkov, C.N. In vivo uptake of horseradish peroxidase by skin receptors of the duck. Cell Tissue Res. 155, 419–422 (1974).

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  • Sensory receptors
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