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The peribrachial region of cat

II. Distribution of acetylthiocholinesterase and monoaminoxidase, with special reference to the locus coeruleus


The locus coeruleus and the tegmental region within which it is encased are very rich in acetylthiocholinesterase (AThChE). The same applies to the pontomesencephalic griseum centrale and the substantia nigra. As a result, the mesencephalon displays a central tegmental core, poor in AThChE, surrounded by a collar-shaped region made out of territories which stain intensely with the technique of Koelle and Friedenwald. By contrast, in material stained with Glenner's technique, only the locus coeruleus and a relatively circumscribed rostrolateral tegmental region appear darkly stained, while the adjacent tegmentum entobrachiale remains pale. The possibility that the entobrachial tegmentum and the locus coeruleus should constitute a cholinoceptive-adrenergic system is discussed.

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