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Acid phosphatase localization in neurons of Bulla gouldiana (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia)

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The organization of the ganglia and the ultrastructure of the neurons of Bulla gouldiana are similar to those described for other molluscs. Acid phosphatase positive reactions were found in the large pigmented granules, small dense bodies, multivesicular bodies, and Golgi lamellae and associated vesicles. The small dense bodies and multivesicular bodies may be stages in the formation of the larger pigmented granules which are interpreted as lysosomes. Comparison is made between the pigmented granules in Bulla and the lipofuscin bodies of vertebrate neurons. The possible involvement of these pigmented granules in the hyperpolarization of Bulla and Aplysia neurons to light is discussed.

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Author information

Correspondence to Laura J. Robles.

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Supported by grant EY 00888 from the USPHS and a Faculty Research Grant from the University of California.

The authors wish to thank Dr. I. Charvat for her help with the enzyme localization, Dr. J. Cronshaw for use of his EM facility, and Dr. K. Esau, Prof. B. B. Boycott, and Mr. K. Linberg for their critical reading of the manuscript.

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  • Ganglia
  • Neurons
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