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Standard karyotype of Triticum umbellulatum and the characterization of derived chromosome addition and translocation lines in common wheat

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A standard karyotype and a generalized idiogram of Triticum umbellulatum (syn. Aegilops umbellulata, 2n = 2x = 14) was established based on C-banding analysis of ten accessions of different geographic origin and individual T. umbellulatum chromosomes in T. aestivumT. umbellulatum chromosome addition lines. Monosomic (MA) and disomic (DA) T. aestivumT. umbellulatum chromosome addition lines (DA1U = B, DA2U = D, MA4U = F, DA5U = C, DA6U = A, DA7U = E = G) and telosomic addition lines (DA1US, DA1UL, DA2US, DA2UL, DA4UL, MA5US, (+ iso 5US), DA5UL, DA7US, DA7UL) were analyzed. Line H was established as a disomic addition line for the translocated wheat — T. umbellulatum chromosome T2DS·4US. Radiation-induced wheat — T. umbellulatum translocation lines resistant to leaf rust (Lr9) were identified as T40 = T6BL·6BS-6UL, T41 = T4BL·4BS-6UL, T44 = T2DS·2DL-6UL, T47 = ‘Transfer’ = T6BS·6BL-6UL and T52 = T7BL·7BS-6UL. Breakpoints and sizes of the transferred T. umbellulatum segments in these translocations were determined by in situ hybridization analysis using total genomic T. umbellulatum DNA as a probe

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