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Molecular tagging of the dwarf BREIZH (Bzh) gene in Brassica napus

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We mapped the dwarf Bzh gene in B. napus with RAPD and RFLP markers. Research of the linked markers proceeded in two ways: a random approach through the construction of a detailed genetic map and targeting of the dwarf gene using both near-isogenic lines (NILs) and the bulked segregant analysis (BSA) method. The BSA approach was the most efficient in finding DNA markers linked to Bzh, whereas the efficiency of the NILs approach was limited by a too great similarity of the genetic background between the dwarf donor parent and the recurrent lines. Eight RAPD markers were identified as linked to Bzh, the closest being at 0.8±0.7 cM. The random genetic mapping approach added markers and extended the linkage group containing Bzh. This work represents the first step towards a better understanding of the dwarf mutation, the development of marker-assisted selection, and the cloning of the underlying gene responsible for dwarfing.

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Key words

  • Brassica napus
  • Dwarfing gene
  • Bulked segregant analysis
  • Near-isogenic lines
  • Genetic mapping
  • RAPD markers
  • RFLP markers