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Indoleamine-accumulating neurons in the retina of rabbit, cat and goldfish

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Special neurons accumulating indoleamines have been detected in the retina of rabbit, cat and goldfish. They have their perikarya in the inner-most cell row of the inner nuclear layer, among the amacrine cells, and send their processes to various parts of the inner plexiform layer. The distribution of the processes is different in the different animals investigated. The neurons do not correspond to the previously known dopaminergic retinal neurons, which have a different distribution of their terminals and which can be demonstrated with a specially developed technique, simultaneously with the indoleamine-accumulating neurons.

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Correspondence to Prof. B. Ehinger.

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This work was supported by grants from the Swedish Medical Research Council (project 04X-2321), the Medical Faculty of the University of Lund, the Åke Wibergs Stiftelse and the Magn. Bergvalls Stiftelse

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