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Unusual mitochondrial ultrastructure in the pig adrenal cortex

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Unusually large mitochondria with few cristae were observed in the cells of the boundary layer between the zonae fasciculata and reticularis of the pig adrenal. These mitochondria occasionally contained parallel arrays of beaded filaments which appeared to be composed of repetitive electron opaque particles, measuring 10 to 11 nm in diameter. The possibility that these filaments are arranged in closely packed arrays of tubular structures with a central filament is discussed.

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Correspondence to Prof. Dr. Mikio Yasuda.

Additional information

This work was supported by a Scientific Research Grant, No. 144017 from the Ministry of Education of Japan to Prof. M. Yasuda

The authors are grateful to Prof. H.-D. Dellmann, Department of Veterinary Anatomy, University of Iowa, for valuable criticism in the preparation of this manuscript

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  • Adrenal cortex (Pig)
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