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The ultrastructure of an olfactory sensillum on the maxillary palps of Locusta migratoria (L.)

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The olfactory sensilla on the maxillary palp tip of Locusta migratoria (L.) resemble the surrounding contact chemoreceptors in general morphology. The perforated peg has a thicker wall than is commonly found in olfactory sensilla. The form and position of the sensilla are considered in relation of the olfactory function. The fine structure of the dendrites is discussed in relation to that described in other olfactory sensilla.

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Correspondence to Dr. W. M. Blaney.

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I wish to thank Mrs. V.E. Bone and Mr. E.T. Urasa for technical assistance and Dr. R.F. Chapman for critically reading the manuscript I am also grateful to the Royal Society for a grant in support of this work and to the Centre for Overseas Pest Research for an unfailing supply of locusts

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