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Light and electron microscopy of the hepatopancreas of the isopod Acellus intermedius

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Hepatopancreas from Acellus intermedius, a small freshwater isopod, was examined by light and electron microscopy. Of particular interest are the two cell types present in the hepatopancreas. Their ultrastructural features indicate that the major role of the large alpha cells is to absorb material from the lumen as well as secrete materials into the lumen while the major role of the small beta cells is to store the absorbed materials as well as break down stored materials before transport.

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Smith, J.M., Nadakavukaren, M.J. & Hetzel, H.R. Light and electron microscopy of the hepatopancreas of the isopod Acellus intermedius . Cell Tissue Res. 163, 403–410 (1975).

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Key words

  • Hepatopancreas
  • Isopod
  • Alpha and Beta cells
  • Light and electron microscopy