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The superficial vascular hyaloid system in the eye of the frogs, Rana temporaria and Rana esculenta

Scanning electron-microscopic study of vascular corrosion casts

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The angioarchitecture of the superficial vascular hyaloid system (membrana vasculosa retinae) of the frog eye was studied by means of scanning electron microscopy of vascular corrosion casts. The terminal vessels form a single-layered sheath intimately adjacent to the vitreal side of the avascular retina. The hyaloid system is subdivided by the ventral venous trunk into three central areas: the dorsal, the temporo-ventral, and the naso-ventral area. Toward the ora serrata, the hyaloid system is bordered by an arterial ring, and by nasal and temporal venous branches forming more or less complete hemicircles. A vascular zone composed of several tongue-like sectors establishes an inter-connection between the peripheral vascular rings and the central areas of the fundus. The arterial blood is supplied from the arterial ring. The drainage of the hyaloid system is provided via two routes: (1) the Y-shaped ventral trunk collects blood from the central areas, (2) the two peripheral venous branches drain the tongue-like sectors. The vessels within the dorsal area follow preferentially a dorso-ventral meridional direction. This densely capillarized territory corresponds in localization to the area centralis retinae. The ultrastructure of microvessels of the hyaloid system is characterized by features typical for capillaries of the central nervous system.

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