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Cilia on bovine mammary epithelium: ultrastructural observations

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Ultrastructural examination of bovine mammary tissues revealed the presence of 9 + 0 or primary cilia protruding from surfaces of alveolar epithelial and myoepithelial cells. Cilia of epithelial cells protruded approximately 1200 nm into lumina of alveoli and arose from a basal body centriole, the associated centriole of the diplosome, and an accessory rootlet system. Cilia on epithelial cells were more frequently observed than cilia on myoepithelial cells. Occasional cilia made contact with macrophages in the alveolar lumen. The structures were more commonly found in tissues from nonlactating cows, and most were observed in the ventral portion of the mammary gland.

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Correspondence to Dr. Stephen C. Nickerson.

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Approved for publication by the Director, Louisiana Agricultural Expt. Station as manuscript number 88-80-2185

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