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Immunohistochemical localization of neurotensin in endocrine cells of the gut

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Endocrine cells displaying neurotensin immunoreactivity are found scattered in the jejuno-ileum of all mammals studied, including man. They are rather scarce in rat, guinea pig, rabbit and pig and fairly numerous in cat, dog and man. In most mammals the neurotensin cells predominate on the villi. Only in the dog are they more numerous in the crypts. In the chicken, neurotensin cells occur all along the intestinal tract. They are particularly numerous in the zone that joins the gizzard with the duodenum. The ontogeny of the neurotensin cells in the gut was studied in rats and chickens. In the rat, the cells are first observed in the jejuno-ileum immediately before birth. The adult frequency is reached 4–5 days later. In the chicken, neurotensin cells first appear in the colon in the 18 day old embryo and in the small intestine two days later (i.e. one or two days before hatching). A few days after hatching, the gut has achieved the adult number of neurotensin cells per unit area.

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