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Chromosomal localization of four human zinc finger cDNAs


cDNA clones encoding zinc finger motifs were isolated by screening human placenta and T-cell (Peer) cDNA libraries with zinc finger (ZNF) consensus sequences. Unique cDNA clones were mapped in the human genome by rodent-human somatic cell hybrid analysis and in some cases in situ chromosomal hybridization. ZNF 80 mapped to 3p12-3qter, ZNF 7 was previously mapped to 8q24 and is here shown by in situ hybridization and use of appropriate hybrids to map telomeric to the MYC locus. ZNF 79 mapped to 9q34 centromeric to the ABL gene and between a constitutional chromosomal translocation on the centromeric side and the CML specific ABL translocation on the telomeric side. ZNF77 mapped to 19p while ZNF 78L1 (pT3) mapped to 19q. Chromosome 19 carries many ZNF loci and other genes with zinc finger encoding motifs; the pT3 clone additionally detected a locus designated ZNF 78L2, which mapped to chromosome region 1p, most likely in the region 1p32 where the MYCL and JUN loci map.

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