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Human zinc finger gene ZNF23 (Kox16) maps to a zinc finger gene cluster on chromosome 16q22, and ZNF32 (Kox30) to chromosome region 10q23-–q24


Two members of the KOX gene family, ZNF23 (KOX16) and ZNF32 (KOX30), have been mapped by in situ hybridization to chromosome regions 16q22 and 10q23-q24, respectively. The map location of ZNF23 and ZNF32 placed these zinc finger protein genes near to chromosome loci that, under certain in vitro conditions, are expressed as fragile sites (FRA16B, FRA16C) and (FRA10D, FRA10A, FRA10B and FRA10E). Human zinc finger gene ZNF32 maps to a chromosome region on 10q23-24 in which deletions have been observed associated with malignant lymphoma on 10q22-23 and with carcinoma of the prostate on 10q24. ZNF23 is located on 16q22 in a chromosomal region that has been involved in chromosome alterations characteristic of acute myeloid leukemia. A second Kox zinc finger gene (ZNF19/KOX12) was recently mapped to the same chromosome region on human chromosome 16q22. In the analogous murine position, the murine zinc finger genes Zfp-1 and Zfp-4 are found in the syntenic 16q region of mouse chromosome 8. Thus, ZNF19 and ZNF23 might be members of an evolutionarily conserved zinc finger gene cluster located on human chromosome 16q22.

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