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Isoforms of troponin during regeneration of chicken skeletal muscle fibers after cold injury

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The regeneration of skeletal muscle fibers of the adult chicken was examined after a focal injury brought about with a liquid-nitrogen cooled brass rod. Immunofluorescence microscopy with antibodies specific for troponin (TN) components (T, I, and C) from adult chicken breast and ventricular muscles showed the presence of different fiber types in both the anterior and posterior latissimus dorsi muscles. New fibers produced in the regions adjacent to the site of injury in both muscles exhibited the same immunoreactivities as those previously seen in embryonic skeletal muscles. As differentiation proceeded, regenerating cells lost their embryonic antigenicities and recovered their characteristic adult reactivities. These results indicate that, during regeneration from cold injury, skeletal muscles apparently pass again through an embryonic stage during which they synthesize embryonic-like TN isoforms.

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  • Troponin-T, -I, and -C
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