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Ultrastructural localization of fibronectin in bone marrow of the embryonic chick and its relationship to granulopoiesis

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Fibronectin was immunolocated in embryonic chick bone marrow by the use of both a direct peroxidase conjugated antiserum and an indirect Streptavidin bridge technique. Fibronectin is located in the extravascular granulopoietic compartment and, to a lesser extent, in the vascular, erythropoietic compartment. There is no evidence of fibronectin being associated with blood-stromal cell interactions involving either erythropoiesis or thrombopoiesis. However, mature thrombocytes display a substantial surface coat containing fibronectin. Much of the fibronectin appears to be situated on surfaces of those fibroblastic stromal cells which support granulopoiesis. Fibronectin containing extracellular material connects surfaces of developing granulocytes with surfaces of stromal cells. Fibronectin is a surface component of granulocytes as well as nearby stromal cells. However, there appear to be fewer ferritin particles per unit of surface on granulocytic cells. Many of the ferritin particles are not clearly associated with amorphous matrix material at cell surfaces. Immunocytochemical attempts to identify laminin were unsuccessful. These studies indicate that fibronectin is situated at sites where it could mediate adhesive interaction between granulopoietic cells and their stromal cells. Furthermore, cell surface-matrix interaction involving fibronectin could mediate migration of blood cells within the extravascular spaces.

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