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Sperm development in the teleost Oryzias latipes

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In Oryzias latipes the processes of spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis occur within testicular or germinal cysts which are delimited by a single layer of lobule boundary cells. These cells, in addition to comprising the structural component of the cyst wall, ingest residual bodies cast off by developing spermatids. Therefore, they are deemed to be the homologue of mammalian Sertoli cells. The germ cells within a cyst develop synchronously owing to the presence of intercellular bridges connecting adjacent cells. Since bridges also connect spermatogonia, it seems probable that all of the germ cells within a cyst may form a single syncytium and do not exist as individual cells until the completion of spermiogenesis when the residual bodies are cast off. Significant differences between spermiogenesis in O. latipes and in the related poeciliid teleosts are discussed.

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