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In vivo binding and uptake of low-density lipoprotein-gold- and albumin-gold conjugates by parenchymal and sinusoidal cells of the fetal rat liver

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To elucidate the participation of fetal rat liver cells in the receptor-mediated internalization of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), rat fetuses were injected with either LDL-gold or albumin-gold conjugates. The degree of binding and uptake of LDL-gold and albumin-gold by parenchymal and sinusoidal cells of the fetal rat liver differs markedly. Endothelial cells exhibit low LDL-gold uptake. In contrast, parenchymal cells internalize LDL-gold more actively (45 ± 8 LDL conjugates/100 μm2 cytoplasm within 60 min). Kupffer cells exceed this value by a factor of 20. The uptake of albumin-gold by endothelial and Kupffer cells is high, whereas it is extremely low in parenchymal cells. Estradiol pretreatment causes a significant doubling (p<0.05) of the LDL-gold particle density/100 μm2 cytoplasm both in parenchymal and Kupffer cells, whereas estradiol has no effect on the albumin uptake. The results strongly indicate that LDL uptake by parenchymal and Kupffer cells in the fetal rat liver is mediated by estrogen-inducible receptors, which may correspond to B, E receptors in the adult liver.

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