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Effects of fetal versus postnatal sera upon adipose tissue stromal-vascular cells in primary culture

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This experiment was conducted to determine if serum factors are responsible for differences in cellularity of prenatal and postnatal pig adipose tissue as determined by in vitro measurement of cellular proliferation and enzyme-histochemical metabolic development. Cellular proliferation of stromal-vascular cells derived from rat inguinal adipose tissue was measured by [3H]-thymidine incorporation. Coverslip cultures were used for analysis of histochemical differentiation. Cells were incubated in media containing 10% fetal bovine, fetal pig, mature pig, or various combinations of these sera. Fetal bovine serum promoted more [3H]-thymidine incorporation than fetal or postnatal pig sera. Fetal pig sera also stimulated more [3H]-thymidine incorporation than mature pig sera. Sera from adult pigs promoted differentiation and lipid filling of adipocytes. Fetal pig sera stimulated histochemical expression of enzymes, but did not induce lipid filling. Fetal bovine serum produced histochemically undifferentiated cells. Addition of fetal bovine serum to media containing mature pig sera reduced lipid accumulation and histochemical reactivity of cells. This effect of fetal serum was thus due to specific inhibition of lipid deposition and not substrate restriction. These experiments demonstrated that serum factors have a major influence on morphological development of fetal and postnatal adipose tissue.

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