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Correlative immuno-electron-microscopic and immunofluorescent localization of actin in sensory and supporting cells of the inner ear by use of a low-temperature embedding resin

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The cochleas from chinchilla inner ears were processed in the cold through Lowicryl K4M, and cured by UV light. Thick (2 μm) sections were reacted with primary antibodies raised against actin, and anti-actin antibodies localized by FITC epifluorescence. On thin sections from the same blocks anti-actin antibodies were localized ultrastructurally with secondary antibodies coupled to colloidal gold.

In the hair cells, actin was present in the stereocilia and cuticular plate, regions where thin filaments were observed by electron microscopy. Colloidal gold was uniformly distributed over these regions and over the stereocilia rootlets demonstrating that actin was present in this region although previously in permeabilized cells, the rootlet was not decorated with myosin subfragment S-1. Actin was present in the pillar and Deiters supporting cells at the reticular lamina and at the basilar membrane, where a meshwork of thin filaments was seen by electron microscopy. Colloidal gold particles were also localized over the thin processes of the pillar and Deiters cells, and over the region of the Deiters cell which envelops the base of the outer hair cell. In these regions actin co-localized with microtubules along the entire length of the supporting cells.

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