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Immunocytochemical demonstration of somatotropin-like and prolactin-like activity in the brain of Calamoichthys calabaricus (Actinopterygii)

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Cellular binding of anti-bSTH and anti-oPRL IgG is demonstrated in the brain and the pituitary gland of the African freshwater fish Calamoichthys calabaricus by means of the unlabeled antibody enzyme method at the light microscopic level. In the brain, somatotropin and prolactin are demonstrated in separate neurons in the preoptic area. The somatotropinergic and prolactinergic perikarya are distinct from those of the hypothalamic-hypophysial neurosecretory neurons, i.e., those stainable with aldehyde fuchsin presumed to be vasotocinergic and isotocinergic. The somatotropinergic and prolactinergic neuronal perikarya give rise to separate beaded axons which pass either ventroposteriorly into the infundibulum, terminating in the neurohypophysis, or ventro-laterally through the wall of the preoptic recess, terminating near the superficial capillary bed covering this part of the brain surface. Moreover, coarse dendrite-like processes of both kinds of immuno-reactive neurons extend towards, and end in, the third ventricle. Binding sites in the brain to antisera against hLHβ, hFSHβ, hTSHβ and anti-(1–24) ACTH IgG, all reactive in the pituitary, are not observed in the neurons confined to the preoptic area.

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Correspondence to Bente Langvad Hansen.

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Supported by the Danish Natural Sciences Research Council

The authors wish to thank Professor Dr K.G. Wingstrand, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, for placing two series of C. calabaricus at their disposal. They would also like to thank the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism and Digestive Diseases, Bethesda, USA, for the generous gift of antisera against the β subunits of human LH, TSH and FSH, and likewise Dr L. Hummer, Glostrup Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark, for the gift of the anti-(1-24)ACTH IgG

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