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Disposition and excretion of 2-chlorodibenzofuran in the rat


When 2-chloro[14C]dibenzofuran was intravenously administered to the rats, about 86% of radioactivity was found in the urine, the large intestinal contents and the feces within 24 h. Approximately 3% of 2-chlorodibenzofuran (2CDF) radioactivity was present in the adipose tissue 48 h after an intravenous administration. A similar excretion pattern of the compound was observed in orally administered rats. From experiments in vitro, approximately 80% of 2CDF was present in the red blood cell fraction and the remainder in the plasma fraction. Bile cannulation studies revealed involvement of enterohepatic circulation in the metabolism of the compound. Bile specimens that were subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis by arylsulfatase and/or β-glucuronidase showed the presence of various yet unidentified conjugated substances. A comparative study using 3-chlorodibenzofuran (3CDF) showed a similar distribution pattern in the 2CDF-treated rats, but 2CDF appeared to accumulate more in the adipose tissue and red blood cells. The present study demonstrates that most of 2CDF is quickly metabolized to give rise to a number of metabolites and excreted from the body, but suggests that the compound once distributed in the adipose tissue may remain there for a relatively long period of time.

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