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Cell growth in plant cultures: An interpretation of the influence of initial weight in cadmium and copper toxicity tests

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An approach is presented for conducting and interpreting results of newly established plant cell culture in toxicity studies. Extended culturing produces uniform suspension and facilitates sampling. Primary (new) cultures are more representative of responses of their plant species but produce nonuniform suspension due to clumping and clumping presents unavoidable sampling difficulties. Evaluations were made of the response of plant cell suspension in primary cultures subjected to metal stress in three differente experiment. Sampling and data interpretation were examined in detail, using mathematical models. Cells were selected from callus cultures of Medicago sativa and green Mandevilla pohliana for experiments using copper and from non-green Mandevilla pohliana for an experiment using cadmium. Distributions of as many as 21 elements in soluble and cell-residue compartments were determined. The interaction of treatment with copper and element distribution was emphasized. Culture status was traced microscopically and growth measured as change in cell fresh weight. The initial weight of each culture replicate could not be held constant due to non-uniform suspension. A mathematical model that described the interactions of the initial weight, exposure time, and metal concentrations was developed to analyze the data. The model revealed stimulation of cell growth when subjected to low concentration of copper and no-growth stimulation with low or moderate concentrations of cadmium. This finding resolves some of the confusion in the literature relative to the effect of low doses of cadmium.

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