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New geologic aspects based on comparative analysis of advanced satellite-and field data in the NE Gulf of Aqaba Area

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The current investigations have been carried out within the framework of the special research project 108, sponsored by the German Research Society. Besides other sources, a new generation of satellite data was used to support field campaign. Within a variety of image processing algorithms some application oriented scenes are shown up in the present paper. Thereby, a high impact of information is given by the socalled shortwave infrared bands, not detectable by human eye or photographic systems. Using suitable concepts, optimized presentations can be developed by means of advanced image processing techniques for detailed lithological and structural mapping and for well projected field campaigns.

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Bayer, H.-., Kaufmann, H. New geologic aspects based on comparative analysis of advanced satellite-and field data in the NE Gulf of Aqaba Area. GeoJournal 12, 33–42 (1986).

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  • Image Processing
  • Structural Mapping
  • Satellite Data
  • High Impact
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