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Regional development in Poland — lessons of experience


This paper is an attempt to present: “Regional Development in Poland, Lessons of Experience”. Two methodological assumptions are accepted in this presentation:

  1. a)

    The Polish experience incorporates both successes and failures

  2. b)

    The Polish experience is seen in comparative perspective. If possible, the suggestion is avoided that the Polish case has absolutely unique features. The Polish experiences are seen rather in the perspective of some similarity in relation to other countries. Following these assumptions an opinion would be presented that there are four chapters in the Polish experience especially interesting for the international community of scholars and planners.

  1. 1)

    The experience in the field of investment policies, industrialization policies and urbanization policies and the long-term interdependency between those policies and the pattern of regional development which has emerged in Polish reality.

  2. 2)

    The human and historical conditions which have created the strong and weak regions in Poland — and the relative persistence of this phenomenon in Polish reality after 1945. The successes and failures of different Polish policies as applied in the field of strong and weak regions.

  3. 3)

    The possibility to analyze the regional dimension of development, of crisis, of recovery and reconstruction in the same country. These are very deep changes in the objective reality. All these are vey deep changes in dimension.

  4. 4)

    The possibility to analyze the spatial implication of economic reform in Poland. This reform is designed and implemented in extremely difficult conditions.

Naturally, the enumeration of these four examples is not an attempt to close the field for international comparative studies. There are many other features of regional development in Poland which should be analyzed in international comparative perspectives. I hope that this paper has created some intellectual inducement for the design and implementation of international comparative studies in the field of regional development.

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  • Regional Development
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