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Time dependent behaviour of the cross-linking reaction of α-chymotrypsin with glutaraldehyde


Immobilization of α-chymotrypsin was done by cross-linking the enzyme with glutaraldehyde. Studies were done in a batch reactor to find out the effects of the concentrations of α-chymotrypsin and glutaraldehyde on the rate of particle formation, the final yield of the crosslinked particles, and the residual activity of the cross-linked enzyme. Both intra- and inter-molecular cross-linking play important role at different time course of the reaction. At the begining of the cross-linking reaction, the large drop in the activity is because of the intra-molecular cross-linking and later on the large increase in the particle formation is because of the inter-molecular cross-linking.

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Mohapatra, S.C., Hsu, J.T. Time dependent behaviour of the cross-linking reaction of α-chymotrypsin with glutaraldehyde. Biotechnol Tech 8, 13–16 (1994).

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  • Enzyme
  • Immobilization
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Residual Activity
  • Batch Reactor