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Tumor immunity and autoimmunity produced by injection of antigens modified by adsorbed virus


C3H/Bi mice were injected repeatedly with isolated plasma membranes carrying adsorbed paramyxovirus antigens. The membranes prepared from a syngeneic ascitic lymphoma induced by the Gross leukemia virus by themselves stimulated little immune response but after treatment with concentrated virus, in some experiments they produced tumor transplant resistance and usually autoimmunity, as demonstrated by serological reactions and appearance of fatal autoimmune disease. Cytotoxic and complement-fixing antibodies against uninfected lymphoma and splenocytes were demonstrated. Autohemolysin related to an unidentified heterophile antigen also appeared. The relationship of autoimmunity, in timing and dose response, to tumor immunity is considered.

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Newcastle disease virus


Sendai virus


phosphate buffered saline




normal untreated lymphoma crude membrane




complete Freund's adjuvant


complement fixation


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