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Streptococcal preparation OK-432 augments cytotoxic activity against an erythroleukemic cell line in humans

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The effects of OK-432, an inactivated and lyophilized preparation of a low-virulence strain of Streptococcus pyogenes, were evaluated on the cytotoxicity of lymphoid cells against a natural killer (NK)-sensitive erythroleukemic cell line K562 in patients with malignant diseases. When ten patients were treated postoperatively with daily injections of OK-432, a significant degree of augmentation in the cytotoxicity of peripheral blood lymphoid cells was evoked in all the patients, and the maximum level of cytotoxicity was on the third day after the beginning of the treatment. In spite of the successive daily administration, the level of cytotoxicity declined thereafter, but stayed higher than the pretreatment level. When OK-432 was injected IP in three patients with carcinomatous peritonitis, the cytotoxic activity of ascitic lymphoid cells was significantly enhanced. Cytotoxicity of in vitro-cultured lymphoid cells taken from peripheral blood of normal donors was also augmented by the addition of OK-432.

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