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Effects of radiation on host-tumor interactions using the multicellular tumor spheroid model


Use of the multicellular tumor spheroid as a tumor model allows separate host or tumor treatment with ionizing radiation and examination of the effects on host-tumor immune interactions. Spheroids of EMT6/Ro, a BALB/c mammary tumor were implanted into the peritoneal cavity of syngeneic immunized mice, recovered, and dissociated into single cells. Cytolytic activity of mature spheroid associated cells and peritoneal cells was resistant to radiation doses as high as 1000 rads when irradiated directly prior to assay. Mice irradiated (200, 400, 700 rads) 24 h prior to spheroid injection had an increased number of tumor cells and decreased number of tumor infiltrating and peritoneal host cells upon spheroid recovery. This was paralleled by an increased colony forming efficiency per spheroid. Cytolytic activity of the spheroid associated cells against radiolabeled EMT6 cells was in many cases decreased with radiation although lysis was the same on a per cell basis. Cytolytic activity by peritoneal cells from these mice increased with dose as measured on a per cell basis. This activity from irradiated animals was carried out by a Thyl+ cell.

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