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Macrophage-mediated in vitro sensitization of lymphocytes

III. Influence on growth of a transplanted murine lymphoma


Antigen-fed macrophages were able to induce specific sensitization of unprimed syngeneic lymphocytes in vitro. The sensitized lymphocytes caused specific injury to target cells that carried the relevant antigens. In the present study, we investigated the in vivo activity of lymphocytes sensitized by antigen-fed macrophages. Mouse spleen cells were sensitized by macrophages that had been exposed to the radiation leukemia virus (RadLV). The sensitized lymphocytes, which were enriched for T-cells, were injected to syngeneic normal recipients and 4 days later the mice were challenged with RadLV-induced lymphoma cells. By following tumor growth and survival of mice, we have found that the sensitized lymphocytes protected the recipient mice against lymphoma development if injected 4 days before the tumor cells. The protective activity of the sensitized lymphocytes was radioresistant, but they could not protect irradiated hosts. It is suggested that macrophagemediated in vitro sensitization of lymphocytes induces initiator cells that can protect the recipient host by recruitment of a defensive immune response.

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