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Enhanced PHA stimulation of cancer patients' lymphocytes by addition of BM 12531 (azimexon) in vitro

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Lymphocytes of seven patients with advanced cancer were investigated for changes of blastogenic response to PHA after the addition of the new immunomodulating compound 2-[2-cyanaziridinyl-(1)]-2-[2-carbamoyl-aziridinyl-(1)]-propane (BM 12 531; prop. INN azimexon) to in vitro cultures. Concentrations of 0.2, 1, 2.5, 5, and 10 μg/ml were added to cultures. Significant changes in 3H-thymidine uptake were observed with all concentrations of BM 12 531. The most pronounced increase was observed with the concentration of 0.2 μg/ml, i.e., five of seven patients had a significantly enhanced blastogenesis response to PHA. Higher doses were effective only in some of the lymphocyte cultures, and stimulation was always lower than with 0.2 μg. These observations suggest an interaction of BM 12 531 and lymphocyte activation at a molecular level.

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