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Lithogeochemical studies of aureoles around the panasqueira tin-tungsten deposit, portugal

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Multi-element lithogeochemical surveys of aureoles surrounding tin-tungsten-bearing quartz vein systems have been utilized infrequently in exploring for these deposits. At Panasqueira, Beira Beixa, Portugal, a Wrich quartz vein mineralization occurs in the Beira schists surrounding a greisenized cupola and offers a suitable test case for such lithogeochemical studies. Therefore, shale samples were collected at a density of about 6 samples per km2. Pronounced anomalies of tin and tungsten have been detected in these samples, together with those of other elements coeval with the mineralizing processes.

The lithogeochemical anomalies at the surface coincide with the extent of the main ore fields. Statistical procedures have been applied to reveal interelement relationships, and contour maps were prepared for single elements and factor scores.

Trace element analysis in combination with multivariate statistical data is an effective and rapid aid in locating such mineralizations, apparently also when hidden under a schist cover.

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