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Cyclic ore formation of some volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the skellefte district, Sweden

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The Näsliden and Rävliden deposits in the Skellefte field consist of stratiform massive sulfide ores associated with submarine volcanic and clastic rocks. The ores are pretectonic. Consequently, the orebodies are considered to have formed syngenetically with deposition of the host rocks. Banding and interlayering with host sediments are common features. Cu : Zn and Zn : Pb ratios of the ores show stratigraphically and laterally defined trends. Cu : Pb : Zn ratios correspond with those found in other deposits of volcanogenic origin. Nonstratiform breccia Cu mineralizations occur directly under the massive stratiform ores in the footwall rocks where hydrothermal alteration is strongest. Ore formation took place intermittently resulting in clusters of ore systems occurring at slightly different stratigraphical levels within each deposit.

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