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Die Flußspat- und Bleiglanzvererzung in Karbonatgesteinen der Sierra de Baza, Südspanien

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The triassic sediments of the Sierra de Baza contain deposits of galena and fluorspar, partly under exploitation. After a survey of stratigraphy and tectonics of the mineralised series follows a description of the occurring ore types including stratiform banded “Zebra ores” and homogeneous vein fillings. The banded ores, because of their structures and textures, are regarded as synsedimentary formations, while the vein ore is presumed to be a product of mobilisation of the primary mineralisation.

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Mitteilung aus dem Institut für Lagerstättenforschung der Technischen Universität Berlin.

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Akin, H. Die Flußspat- und Bleiglanzvererzung in Karbonatgesteinen der Sierra de Baza, Südspanien. Mineral. Deposita 9, 61–68 (1974).

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