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High temperature calorimetry of sulfide systems

III. Standard enthalpies of formation of phases in the systems Fe-Cu-S and Co-S

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The standard enthalpies of formation of FeS (troilite), FeS2 (pyrite), Co0.9342S, Co3S4 (linnaeite), Co9S8 (cobalt pentlandite), CoS2 (cattierite), CuS (covellite), and Cu2S (chalcocite) have been determined by high temperature direct reaction calorimetry at temperatures between 700 K and 1021 K. The following results are reported:

$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,FeS}^{tr} = - 102.59 \pm 0.20kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$
$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,FeS}^{py} = - 171.64 \pm 0.93kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$
$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,Co_{0.934} S} = - 99.42 \pm 1.52kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$
$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,Co_9 S_8 }^{ptl} = - 885.66 \pm 16.83kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$
$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,Co_3 S_4 }^{In} = - 347.47 \pm 7.27kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$
$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,CoS_2 }^{ct} = - 150.94 \pm 4.85kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$
$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,Cu_2 S}^{cc} = - 80.21 \pm 1.51kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$


$$\Delta {\rm H}_{f,CuS}^{cv} = - 53.14 \pm 2.28kJ mol^{ - 1} ,$$

The enthalpy of formation of CuFeS2 (chalcopyrite) from (CuS+FeS) and from (Cu+FeS2) was determined by solution calorimetry in a liquid Ni0.60S0.40 melt at 1100 K. The results of these measurements were combined with the standard enthalpies of formation of CuS, FeS, and FeS2, to calculate the standard enthalpy of formation of CuFeS2. We found \(\Delta {\rm H}_{f,CuFeS_2 }^{ccp} = - 194.93 \pm 4.84kJ mol^{ - 1}\). Our results are compared with earlier data given in the literature; generally the agreement is good and our values agree with previous estimates within the uncertainties present in both.

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