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Pyrite deformation in stratiform lead-zinc deposits of the Canadian Cordillera


Pyrite textures in five stratiform lead-zinc deposits from lower to upper greenschist facies environment of the Canadian Cordillera are described and discussed in terms of deposition/early diagenesis, deformation, metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration processes. Overgrowth is an important process during both diagenesis and deformation. Diagenetic and deformational overgrowths can be distinguished. Diffusive mass transfer, involving pressure solution and oriented overgrowth of pyrite is the main deformation mechanism in pyrite deposits at low metamorphic grades. Although diffusive mass transfer favours fine-grained mineral aggregates, its effect on coarse pyrite grains has also been identified. Ore minerals dissolved by pressure solution may be transported, with the assistance of pore fluids within fractures and grain boundaries, over distances significantly greater than the scale of individual grains to give a range of pressure solution/overgrowth textures. The textural modification of pyritic ores from the early stages of diagnesis, through metamorphism and deformation, to post deformation thermal annealing, has important implications for the distribution of trace elements and isotopic compositions in pyritic ores.

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  • Pyrite
  • Diagenesis
  • Pressure Solution
  • Greenschist Facies
  • Diffusive Mass Transfer