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The altered expression of MHC-class II determinants on monocytes of cancer patients


The expression of MHC class II determinants Ia.7 (detected by cross reactive mouse anti-Iak antibody) and HLA-DR on monocytes (MO) of gastric and colorectal cancer patients was examined. An increased proportion of MO bearing the Ia.7 determinant was found, while the number of MO expressing DR was not elevated. In gastric cancer patients the increased expression of the Ia.7 determinant was most pronounced in advanced cancer (stage IVA and IVB). The increased expression of this determinant was related to the presence of the tumour as the number of MO expressing Ia.7 decreased 6 months following surgical resection of the tumour. Further, the increased expression of Ia.7 on MO correlated with the tumour infiltration of the serosa. The Ia.7 determinants were mainly expressed on MO which also expressed the receptor for the Fc part of immunoglobulin. Immunostaining in cellular infiltrates surrounding the tumour revealed that Ia.7+ macrophages (MØ) were more numerous than in normal gastric mucosa and severe chronic gastritis and were mostly present in close proximity to tumour cells, while DR+ MØ were mainly localized within the stromal tissue of the tumour and their number was not increased in cancer infiltrates. These observations indicate that the Ia.7+ subpopulation of MØ may be involved in the anti-tumour response of the host.

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