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Normalization of defective monocyte chemotaxis during chemotherapy in patients with small cell anaplastic carcinoma of the lung


Monocyte chemotactic responsiveness (MCR) in 14 patients with small cell anaplastic bronchogenic carcinoma was depressed before treatment compared with the MCR in 28 normal controls (P=0.00004). MCR was subsequently monitored during combination chemotherapy and after 6 months the MCR had become normalized compared with pretreatment values (P=0.00006).

In addition, chemotactic factor inhibitor (CFI) activity in plasma was measured before treatment and after 6 months. When incubated with plasma before treatment casein had 62% of normal activity and when incubated with plasma after chemotherapy, 81% of normal activity (P=0.0009). CFI activity decreased by greater amounts in patients in complete remission than in patients in partial remission or in non-responders (P=0.01). This study supports the concept that cancer patients have depressed monocyte function. Chemotherapy seems to enhance monocyte chemotaxis in vitro and to decrease CFI activity in plasma.

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