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Immunoprophylaxis toward mammary carcinoma in mice immune to Listeria monocytogenes


The growth of a transplantable mammary carcinoma in C3H and DBA mice was suppressed in animals immune to Listeria monocytogenes (LM). When tumor cells were mixed with live bacteria at the time of transplantation, experimental LM-immune animals survived a lethal dose of tumor cells. Treatment of non-immune animals with tumor cells plus LM was ineffective. Immunity to LM was therefore a prerequisite of antitumor protection.

The destruction of tumor cells was most likely a nonspecific side effect of the immune reaction to LM, since administration of LM at the same site as tumor cells was necessary. Despite this nonspecific mode of tumor suppression, animals which were protected from progressive tumor growth nevertheless developed specific antitumor immunity, being able to resist a secondary challenge by a lethal dose of syngeneic tumor cells.

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Correspondence to E. Skamene.

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Present address: Department of Surgery (Urology), Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Buckspan was the recipient of an Irving Howard Cameron Memorial Scholarship

Recipient of the Monat Award from McGill University

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