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Heterogeneities of grain boundary arrangement in polycrystals

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Data on mutual arrangements of different types of grain boundaries in polycrystals are presented. The heterogeneity in grain boundary distribution, namely, the effect of gathering low-angle or special tilt grain boundaries is found in pure aluminum thin films, in sheets of Fe-3% Si alloy and in Al2O3 doped with MgO or MgO and Y 2O3. The local texture, i.e., formation of colonies or clusters of close-oriented grains is considered as a reason of this heterogeneity. The influences of grain boundary gathering on the transport properties of polycrystals and on the crack propagation are discussed. A new concept of “effective” grain size is suggested to analyze the relationship between material microstructures and material properties.

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  • Grain boundaries
  • polycrystals
  • local texture
  • transport properties