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Geochemical criteria for distinguishing magmatic and metasomatic albite-enrichment in granitoids — examples from the Ta-Li granite Yichun (China) and the Sn-W deposit Tikus (Indonesia)

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Two examples of albite-rich granitoids of different genesis are discussed: the Ta-Li granite at Yichun (China) exhibits dominantly igneous textures, and the sodium-enrichment zone in biotite granite of the Sn-W deposit at Tikus is characterized by metasomatic textures. The Yichun stock shows a magmatic evolution from biotite-muscovite granite to lepidolite granite with an increase of Na2O and F concentrations and a decrease of CaO and Sr concentrations. The composition of the different granite phases is close to pseudoternary minima in the haplogranite-H2O(-Li-F) system. The composition of the F-rich albitization zone at Tikus deviates strongly from the pseudoternary minima and shows a tendency to become monomineralic (nearly pure albitite). CaO and Sr concentrations are increased or remain unchanged with respect to the unaltered biotite granite at Tikus. Albitization produced by fluid-rock interaction in F-rich systems is characterized by that CaO or Sr released by the breakdown of plagioclase in the granite protolith, are fixed in newly formed fluorite or albite, respectively.

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