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Expression of S-locus glycoprotein genes from Brassica oleracea and B. campestris in transgenic plants of self-compatible B. napus cv Westar

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Self-compatible Brassica napus var ‘Westar’ was transformed with SLG, the S-locus-derived gene that encodes S-locus-specific glycoproteins (SLSG). Four allelic variants of SLG isolated from self-incompatible B. oleracea and B. campestris strains homozygous for different S alleles were used. We show that the transgenic plants synthesized SLSG with the same apparent charge, molecular weight, and antigenic properties as that produced by the corresponding self-incompatible strains from which the cloned SLG genes were isolated. In addition, transgene-encoded SLSG was detected specifically in the papillar cells of the stigma, and was correctly targeted to the papillar cell wall. However, SLSG was produced at reduced levels in transgenic plants relative to self-incompatible strains. The introduction of the SLG genes did not confer a self-incompatibility phenotype on the ‘Westar’ cultivar.

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