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Phase I–II study of pibenzimol hydrochloride (NSC 322921) in advanced pancreatic carcinoma


Pibenzimol is a fluorescent molecule known to bind to double stranded DNA. It also induces prolongation of the G2 phase of the cell cycle, inhibition of DNA replication and cessation of the growth of some cells in late S phase after DNA content has been doubled. It has been shown to increase the life span of mice bearing intraperitoneally implanted L1210 and P388 leukemia. These factors coupled with the affinity of pibenzimol for pancreatic tissue led us to conduct a phase I–II trial of pibenzimol hydrochloride in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Twenty-six patients were treated with a five day continuous infusion of pibenzimol at a dose ranging from 6–28 mg/m2/d. There were no treatment related deaths. Major toxicity was hyperglycemia which was self-limited. No objective responses were noted.

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Patel, S.R., Kvols, L.K., Rubin, J. et al. Phase I–II study of pibenzimol hydrochloride (NSC 322921) in advanced pancreatic carcinoma. Invest New Drugs 9, 53–57 (1991). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00194545

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  • pibenzimol
  • pancreatic cancer
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