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Optimization procedure for pulse separation in cross-correlation PIV


In PIV, the optimal time separation (Δt) between successive laser pulses is influenced by a number of parameters. In the present paper, only two kinds of error affecting the choice of Δt are studied: (i) random error arising from noise during recording of the flow seeded with tracer particles and subsequent interrogation of the particle images, and (ii) acceleration error arising from approximation of the local Eulerian velocity based on small (but non-zero) particle displacements. These two kinds of error place conflicting requirements on Δt. A model to optimize Δt with respect to these errors is described, and the model is confirmed by the results of a Monte Carlo simulation. This model for optimal Δt is extended to various acceleration distributions. An estimate for the spatial resolution of the velocity field resulting from cross-correlation PIV is proposed.

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Correspondence to A. K. Prasad.

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We wish to thank the University of Delaware and the Department of Mechanical Engineering for providing a graduate fellowship to support this work.

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Boillot, A., Prasad, A.K. Optimization procedure for pulse separation in cross-correlation PIV. Experiments in Fluids 21, 87–93 (1996).

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  • Laser Pulse
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Velocity Field
  • Optimal Time
  • Optimization Procedure