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Linkage of the long QT syndrome to the short arm of chromosome 11: use of five highly polymorphic markers towards more detailed localization of the mutant gene

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The long QT syndrome is an autosomally dominantly inherited cardiac disorder characterized by abnormalities of myocardial repolarization, exercise- or stress-related syncopal attacks and risk of sudden death due to cardiac arrhythmias. Genetic linkage studies have defined three LQT loci on chromosomes 11p15.5, 3q21–24 and 7p35–36. We performed linkage analyses in three Finnish LQT families using five amplifiable markers assigned to chromosome 11p15. By multipoint linkage analyses we obtained a maximal lod score of 5.503, suggesting that the LQT1 locus maps between D11S922 and D11S1338 on chromosome 11. Our data provide a step towards closer definition of the exact borderlines of the LQT1 locus in chromosome 11 and demonstrate markers with high utility in identification of gene carriers in the affected families.

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Kainulainen, K., Swan, H., Miettinen, H. et al. Linkage of the long QT syndrome to the short arm of chromosome 11: use of five highly polymorphic markers towards more detailed localization of the mutant gene. Hum Genet 96, 395–400 (1995).

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