Solar Physics

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A magnetodynamic mechanism for loop flares

  • Yutaka Uchida


Loop flares are given a new magnetodynamic interpretation. In this model, the top of the magnetic loop is heated up by a collision of magnetic twist-wave packets (non-linear torsional Alfven wave) which are produced in the process of the loop emergence, and stored and released from the footpoints of the loop with some retardation. The appearance of the blueshifted component in CaXIX and FeXXV lines a minute or so before the impulsive phase, and the so-called “instantaneous acceleration” of ions deduced from the nearly simultaneous (with a delay of seconds) occurrence of γ-ray line emission with the impulsive hard X rays, are very naturally explained in the present model which originally aims at providing an explanation of the source of energy, a “blackbox” located at the top of the loop in the loop flare theories discussed thus far.


Flare Present Model Line Emission Magnetic Loop Impulsive Phase 


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