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    Immobilization Techniques of Bacteria for Live Super-resolution Imaging Using Structured Illumination Microscopy

    Advancements in optical microscopy technology have allowed huge progression in the ability to understand protein structure and dynamics in live bacterial cells using fluorescence microscopy. Paramount to high-...

    Amy L. Bottomley, Lynne Turnbull, Cynthia B. Whitchurch in Bacterial Pathogenesis (2017)

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    Detection of Changes in the Medicago sativa Retinoblastoma-Related Protein (MsRBR1) Phosphorylation During Cell Cycle Progression in Synchronized Cell Suspension Culture

    Deepening our knowledge on the regulation of the plant cell division cycle depends on techniques that allow for the enrichment of cell populations in defined cell cycle phases. Synchronization of cell division...

    Ferhan Ayaydin, Edit Kotogány, Edit Ábrahám, Gábor V. Horváth in Cell Cycle Synchronization (2017)

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    A Protocol for Measuring Mitotic Chromosome Condensation Quantitatively in Fission Yeast Cells

    Even though the formation of compact cylindrical chromosomes early during mitosis or meiosis is a prerequisite for the successful segregation of eukaryotic genomes, little is known about the molecular basis of...

    Christoph Schiklenk, Boryana Petrova, Christian H. Haering in Cohesin and Condensin (2017)

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    Molecular Network Dynamics of Cell Cycle Control: Periodicity of Start and Finish

    The cell division cycle is controlled by a complex regulatory network which ensures that the phases of the cell cycle are executed in the right order. This regulatory network receives signals from the environm...

    Alida Palmisano, Judit Zámborszky, Cihan Oguz in Cell Cycle Synchronization (2017)

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    Detection of Senescence Markers During Mammalian Embryonic Development

    Senescence-associated β-galactosidase (SAβ-gal) is a convenient histological technique used to identify senescent cells. Its ease of use is helpful to initially screen and detect senescent cells in heterogeneo...

    Mekayla Storer, William M. Keyes in Oncogene-Induced Senescence (2017)

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    Protocols for Radiotracer Estimation of Methane Oxidation Rates at In Situ Methane Concentrations in Marine Sediments

    The microbial consumption of methane acts as a biofilter in deep marine environments, significantly limiting the flux of methane from ocean to atmosphere. Measurements of both anaerobic and aerobic oxidation o...

    Ryan Sibert, Vladimir A. Samarkin in Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protoco… (2017)

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    Intracellular Manipulation of Phagosomal Transport and Maturation Using Magnetic Tweezers

    Phagocytosis is an important process of the immune system by which pathogens are internalized and eliminated by phagocytic cells. Upon internalization, the phagosome matures and acidifies while being transport...

    Shashank Shekhar, Vinod Subramaniam, Johannes S. Kanger in Phagocytosis and Phagosomes (2017)

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    Resolving the Genomic Localization of the Kollerin Cohesin-Loader Complex

    The kollerin complex, consisting of Scc2/Scc4 in yeast and Nipbl/Mau2 in vertebrates, is crucial for the chromatin-association of the cohesin complex and therefore for the critical functions of cohesin in cell...

    Kerstin S. Wendt in Cohesin and Condensin (2017)

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    Large-Scale Sequence Comparison

    There are millions of sequences deposited in genomic databases, and it is an important task to categorize them according to their structural and functional roles. Sequence comparison is a prerequisite for prop...

    Devi Lal, Mansi Verma in Bioinformatics (2017)

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    Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Glucose Oxidase on Carbon Nanotube Modified Electrodes

    The use of enzymatically modified electrodes for the detection of glucose or other non-electrochemically active analytes is becoming increasingly common. Direct heterogeneous electron transfer to glucose oxida...

    Alice H. Suroviec in Enzyme Stabilization and Immobilization (2017)

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    Fluorescence-Based Real-Time Activity Assays to Identify RNase P Inhibitors

    Transfer RNA is transcribed as precursor molecules that are processed before participating in translation catalyzed by the ribosome. Ribonuclease P is the endonuclease that catalyzes the 5′ end maturation of p...

    Yu Chen, Xin Liu, Nancy Wu, Carol A. Fierke in Antibiotics (2017)

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    Protocols for the Study of Microbe–Mineral Interactions in Modern Microbialites

    Microbialites are organo-sedimentary structures formed by the direct or indirect action of microorganisms. Fossil stromatolites (laminated microbialites) constitute the oldest reliable traces of life, a fact t...

    Estelle Couradeau, Karim Benzerara in Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protoco… (2017)

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    Analysis of Posttranscriptional Regulation of CCN Genes

    Cells generally control the concentration of mRNA by transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation, so the separate contributions of synthesis and degradation (“decay”) cannot be discriminated by the quan...

    Seiji Kondo, Satoshi Kubota, Masaharu Takigawa D.D.S., Ph.D. in CCN Proteins (2017)

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    Array CGH

    Array comparative genome hybridization, array CGH or aCGH, enables dense interrogation of specific loci or the entire human genome, and even allele-specific characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms ...

    Eftychia Dimitriadou, Joris R. Vermeesch in Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) (2017)

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    Functional Mapping of Somatostatin Receptors in Brain: In Vivo Microdialysis Studies

    In vivo microdialysis is a method used in neuroscience that permits continuous monitoring and quantification of neurotransmitters, their release, reuptake, and metabolism, in discrete brain regions in the awak...

    Andreas Kastellakis, James Radke in In Vivo Neuropharmacology and Neurophysiol… (2017)

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    Lyophilization of Adjuvanted Vaccines: Methods for Formulation of a Thermostable Freeze-Dried Product

    Lyophilization of vaccines is advantageous for the distribution and storage of thermally labile products, particularly in regions where cold chain management is difficult. To date, current lyophilized vaccines...

    Michelle Y. Chan, Timothy S. Dutill, Ryan M. Kramer in Vaccine Adjuvants (2017)

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    Interatomic Characterization of Protein–Protein Interactions in Membrane-Associated Mega-complexes

    The majority of cellular activities in all living cells are performed by proteins. Biochemical pathways, signal transduction cascades, and membrane-associated complexes of energy generation rely on the fine-tu...

    José Manuel Borrero-de Acuña, Lothar Jänsch in Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protoco… (2017)

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    Analysis of Mammary Gland Phenotypes by Transplantation of the Genetically Marked Mammary Epithelium

    The mammary gland is the only organ to undergo most of its development after birth and therefore particularly attractive for studying developmental processes. In the mouse, powerful tissue recombination techni...

    Duje Buric, Cathrin Brisken in Mammary Gland Development (2017)

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    Pulsed SILAC as a Approach for miRNA Targets Identification in Cell Culture

    Pulsed stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (pSILAC) comprises a variation of the classical SILAC proteomic methodology that enables the identification of short-term proteomic responses such ...

    Daniella E. Duque-Guimarães, Juliana de Almeida-Faria in Multiplex Biomarker Techniques (2017)

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    Cell Biological Assays for Measuring Odontogenic Activities of CCN Proteins

    In postnatal dentin formation, odontoblast differentiation occurs in the pulp tissue regenerative process under pathological condition. Odontoblasts and newly differentiated odontoblast-like cells beneath the ...

    Koichiro Muromachi, Hiroshi Sugiya, Nobuyuki Tani-Ishii in CCN Proteins (2017)

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