, Volume 136, Issue 5, pp 474-477

Comparative Study of Action Mechanisms of Dimebon and Memantine on AMPA- and NMDA-Subtypes Glutamate Receptors in Rat Cerebral Neurons

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Dimebon in low concentrations potentiated activity of AMPA-receptors in rat cerebellar Purkinje neurons, while memantine produced only an insignificant potentiation in a small group of these cells. In cortical neurons of rat brain memantine efficiently blocked NMDA-induced currents in dimebon-insensitive neurons. By contrast, its effect was far weaker in neurons, where the blocking action of dimebon on NMDA-receptors was most pronounced. It was hypothesized that the differences in the effects of memantine and dimebon are determined by their interaction with different sites of NMDA-receptors.