, Volume 292, Issue 3, pp 989-994
Date: 22 Nov 2011

X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopic study of uranium nitrides

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Uranium mononitride (UN), sesquinitride (U2N3) and dinitride (UN2) were characterized by extended X-Ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. Analysis on UN indicate the presence of three uranium shells at distances of 3.46(3), 4.89(5) and 6.01(6) Å and a nitrogen shell at a distance of 2.46(2) Å. For U2N3, two absorbing uranium atoms at different crystallographic positions are present in the structure. One of the uranium atoms is surrounded by nitrogen atoms at 2.28(2) Å and by uranium atoms at 3.66(4) and 3.95(4) Å. The second type of uranium atom is surrounded by nitrogen atoms at 2.33(2) and 2.64(3) Å and by uranium atoms at 3.66(4), 3.95(4) and 5.31(5) Å. Results on UN2 indicate two uranium shells at 3.71(4) and 5.32(5) Å and two nitrogen shells at 2.28(2) and 4.34(4) Å. The lattice parameters of UN, U2N3 and UN2 unit cells were respectively determined to be 4.89(5), 10.62(10) and 5.32(5) Å. Those results are well in agreement with those obtained by X-Ray diffraction analysis.